With Springers, as well as with most dogs, it is wise to keep the nails short and you may need to invest in some toenail clippers if cutting them is required. Only clip the end or white part (sometimes it can be black!) of the nail taking care not to cut the ‘quick’ as this will be painful for the pup and the nail will bleed. If this occurs, you will need to put some Potash Permangante or Condy’s Crystals on the end to stop the bleeding. If your puppy is constantly on concrete or regularly taken for walks on pavement, it may not require its nails to be clipped.


Make grooming sessions pleasant for you and the dog - start when quite young, as this will avoid tussles which may occur when the pup is older and is much more difficult to manage. Teach the puppy to lie on its side during these grooming sessions as this will enable you to easily trim the hair on the feet etc. I find they enjoy the brushing sessions and often go to sleep.