Health Care

Whilst the Springer is a relatively healthy and hardy breed, there are some basic elements of health care that you need to consider:



Please worm your dog regularly, both for intestinal worms, and for heartworm. Heartworm can KILL.

There is no excuse for fleas – they are easily controlled with many products that are readily available on the market.

Ticks are a serious problem in many areas of Australia. Some areas have the Paralysis Tick – which can kill your Springer. Products are available to control this problem – please consult your Veterinarian.



Please have your puppy’s vaccination schedule completed, and thereafter get a yearly booster shot.

Yearly injections are now available for Heartworm. Ask your Vet.

There are changes occurring in the way vaccinations are being carried out and you might like to do some research on the net regarding this. Many vets now recommend vaccinations only every three years and some recommend the Titre test which measures the anti-bodies in the dog’s body. However, if you leave your dog at a Boarding Kennel, they will require a current vaccination certificate.



As we expect that you don’t intend to breed from your Springer (hard work and high cost!), then having your dog de-sexed is a great way of reducing potential reproductive issues that can arise in an older Springer. Ask your Vet.


Micro Chipping:

A lost dog can be very stressful, both on the dog and the family. Ensure you transfer your dog’s microchip number to your address.