Sandicam puppies are reared on the premium food, “Advance Puppy Growth” and we suggest you continue with this food to avoid any tummy upset. Should you change the food at any time in the future, please give half and half for a few days before changing over completely. If you feed a premium food, there is no need to give any additives. Advance is available from Pet Shops or Vets. Feed according to instructions on the packet. If the puppy goes off his food, which can happen from time to time, you can pour a small amount of chicken or beef stock over it for flavour or add some Pedigree Puppy tin food to the dry food.


A mix of some chicken or beef mince, along with some pasta or veggies may also be mixed for a little variety.


Food should be given three to four times a day, depending on your circumstances. If you go out to work each day, give the morning feed, then two in the evening, with the last feed quite late at night. Leave some dry food or some puppy biscuits for it to chew while you are away. If you give four feeds, then they will be smaller in size.


Raw bones are also excellent for puppies to chew on. NEVER give any dog a cooked bone as these can splinter and cause serious problems.


Ensure your puppy has plenty of fresh water available at all times.


It is important to adhere to the instructions on the food packet and change diet according to the growth of the puppy. Never over feed the pup, as this is detrimental to skeletal development and, whilst the body should be well covered, it should NOT be fat.


As the puppy grows you will gradually need to reduce the number of feeds per day until it is twelve months old, after which it will only require one feed per day. We like to feed our dogs in the morning as, when we are out during the day, they sleep and are ready for play when we return home. Using this routine lessens the possibility of dogs barking each night when they expect to be fed and if you are late home, a barking dog can disturb neighbours.