English Springer Spaniel ears are a recognisible feature and are beautiful. It is important to brush them regularly to ensure there are no knots.


To prevent food from getting into ear feathering and causing it to knot up, place a “snood”, a piece of tubed fabric with elastic at either end, (a pantyhose leg, cut off at each end will suffice) over the puppy’s head whilst it is eating. The snood should be removed at the conclusion of the meal.


The ears on the Springer require attention and, apart for keeping the hair free from knots, it is important to ensure that the ear canal remains dry as this will assist in preventing infection.

When bathing your Springer, place cotton wool ball in each ear to prevent water from entering. Remember to remove the cotton wool once the bath is over. It is also advisable to cut the coat around the ear orifice so that air can more easily enter the canal.

Each time you brush your Springer, check the ears and if there is a foul smelling emitting, this usually suggests a problem, such as ear canker and veterinary advice should be sought.


Make sure you do not poke anything into the ears as this may cause irritation and potential inflammation. If you have any problems with the ears smelling foul, please consult your vet.